Antique Radio Charlotte 2013
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
March 21-22-23
~ ~ ~ Hosted by the Carolinas Chapter of the Antique Wireless Association ~ ~ ~

Since our first meet in 1979, the Charlotte antique radio conference has grown to become one of the largest antique radio meets in the US.
In 2010 we had attendees from 26 states and 4 foreign countries.


If you've attended the Charlotte conference in years past you'll find the 2013 meet is back to normal, three days of antique radios.

You'll also find a few things different. These mainly involve money.
We had managed to hold the registration fees and meal costs down with no increases for about five years. Unfortunately, that has to end this year. Registration fees, including vendor spaces are going to have to go up by $5 across the board this year.

As long as we've been having meals at the Charlotte show we've never charged what the meals actually cost. We've been able to cover the short fall on the meals with meet registration, and we've managed to keep our heads above water. Last year, that tactic didn't work. We had so many new people here, many of them world travelers that we had more people eat meals than ever before. It was great to see more than 70 people at the Friday banquet plus all three of the other meals had more people taking part than ever before. However, there was a down side to all these meals, we didn't make enough money on registration to cover the extra cost that we had never passed along to you, so we lost money for the first time last year. We can't let this happen again, starting this year the actual cost of the meals, including Tax++ and the Sheraton's 22% surcharge will be included in the cost you pay. I'm sorry to have to do this, but if we continued on a losing money trend, it wouldn't take long and we'd have to stop having the Charlotte conference.

Due to health problems, one of our long-time members will offer his remaining collection of mostly 1920s, and early 30's broadcast receiver related items at auction. Approximately, 50 to 75 items include 15-20 horn speakers plus two sizes of the Tower sailing ship cone speakers, the Tower Castle and a Pathé Castle cone speakers. Photos will be available on the CC-AWA website ( sometime in January.

Also in the auction will be a nearly mint very original Atwater Kent model 82 cathedral. A good friend of mine has asked me to help him sell this radio that was donated to their missionary group. The proceeds will go to help support a school for children in Columbia South America. These children literally have nothing and any money from the sale of this radio will go a long way to helping them attend school. Since this is a charity sale, we will wave the auction fee so every penny goes to the school.

The theme to this years Old Equipment Contest will be Homebrew and Kit radios.
The contest categories will be broken down to eras i.e. Wireless & Battery era, 30s & 40s, 50s & 60s, etc. Both transmitters and receivers can be entered.

Something new this year will be expanded programing for Thursday. Starting at 9 am Thursday morning we'll have a restoration and preservation session. There will be several talks by very experienced restorers plus an open forum question and answer session. Other programs will be presented Thursday afternoon after lunch.
Two of the afternoon program presenters will be John Dilks author of the Vintage Radio column in QST and Nick England, details of their talks can be found elsewhere in this brochure.
We're looking forward to seeing every in March for what we know will be a great conference.

73, Ron Lawrence w4ron
CC-AWA President & Conference Chairman

A special treat this year for our Friday after dinner entertainment
we will have the
Legendary WBT Briarhoppers
This group was first founded in 1934
and have been entertaining people all over the world ever since.


Our conference site, the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel has been acclaimed by many
as the finest hotel in the radio collecting hobby.
The staff at the Sheraton bend over backwards to make sure everything goes as good as possible for our event. You only have to look back to 2009 with a week of heavy rain
to see what the folks at the Sheraton will do for us.


In the event of really bad weather, we can and will move the entire flea market inside.

We look forward to seeing you
at the conference in March 2013
If you have any questions please contact Ron Lawrence W4RON, Conference Chairman
704-289-1166 or
This page was last updated: February 3, 2013
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