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Ted Bryan
Estate Auction
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A stunning dual tonearm 16" transcription disk turntable
Ted Bryan was a broadcast radio engineer retiring as WBT’s chief
engineer just a few years ago and still working part time up until his sudden
death at age 80.

As he approached retirement, he planed and built a workshop where he could increase his activities in vintage radio and audio electronics.  He assembled a collection of very fine test equipment from the 1940’s up to the 1980’s – His machinist tool chests were a wonder to behold with all tools laid out in the drawers like surgical tools.

Ted had just completed the highest quality installation of a 1940’s vintage RCA 1 KW AM broadcast transmitter as the centerpiece of his shop but alas it never was put on the air in the ham bands; just working into a dummy load…

Another interesting project was completely stripping down a Philco 38-116 High Fidelity broadcast receiver to bare chassis and rewiring to look as new and working on the bench at the time of his death.

Volunteers spent over 150 hours sorting through literally one or two tons of parts that would be prime sources for anyone wanting to build vintage TX, RX or audio equipment.

Look carefully at the spread sheet for items to be available in the auction and then go on-line to see what these items have brought in recent times…  You are likely to see items that will sell at our auction for considerably less.

While the transmitter mentioned above was definitely too big an item to go to auction, there are still many interesting items on offer for those that make it a point to be at the auction to be held on Thursday evening at the conference…

See photos below

ItemManufacturerDescription                                                                                   Condition
1692Atwater KentModel 93 Short wave converter needs extensive restoration            fair
1691Ampex3 x Ampex tape recorder panels                                                             unknown
1690AltecMixer & PA panels 1606A & 1594B + new rack                                     unknown
1689various3 x vintage clocks                                                                                  unknown
1693H-PDistortion Analyzer - Model 330B                                                               nice
1694HammarlundModel HQ-150 - "needs regulator tubes"                                        nice
1695HammarlundModel HQ-110                                                                               VGC
1697Bell, Bogan, "Bryan"PA amplifiers                                                                  unknown
859unknownRadio Lamp "Forrest Fire"                                                                      fair
1688AmpexStudio Tape Recorder                                                                   unknown - but clean
1703Echophone"Commercial" receiver                                                                   near mint
1704HallicraftersS-38A                                                                                            VGC
1706WT Tool brandUltrasonic Cleaner - 3 qt. tank                                                    new
1702Shure & EVMicrophones 2 x D-104 & 1 EV 635                                            unknown
1701Soundcraftsman & DBXRack mount tuner,
            compressor/limiter & 2x dist. Amps.                                                              unknown - but clean
1895variousTX & RX tuning caps                                                                         mosly NOS
1905U.T.C.2 x Output Transformers - LS-61                                                             NOS
1904Hammond Electronics2 x Output Transformers - 1650K                                    NIB
1906Setchel-Carlson, Bendix, Zenith2 x Model 427, Model 526B, 6D516W       unknown
1705CONARModel 400 novice CW transmitter                                                   looks new
1700 H-PVTVM - model 410A                                                                             looks new
1698unknown3 x Antenna Tuning units TU 9B, TU 8B & one more                         good
1368variousBox lot - power transformers & chokes                                           mostly NOS
1370ThordarsonBox lot - power transformers -                                                 new and used  unknown
1369NationalSW-3 receiver with coils                                                                looks good
1367variousBox lot power transformers - RX & TX types                                      NOS
747variousBox lot electrolytics for TX & RX - twist locks, etc                          NOS & ?
750variousBox lot tubes, 5 x 217-C, 10 x 802, 886                                          NOS on many
1563HallicraftersT-54 Television  Looks good, working -                                       unknown
1572NationalSW-54                                                                                            Looks mint
1571LETTINE50 W TX - Model 240 w/80 Meter coils                                  restored to mint
1894MillenTX Model 90800 w/coils                                                                  unknown
1900publication26 volumes of AWA Review                                                     excellent
1898publication2 boxes of Antique Radio Classifides                                           VGC
1899publicationBox lot - Radio Age, OTB, Radio Gazette                                    VGC
1565Astron, Motorola, SimpsonBox lot, 12V 11A, MOXY TX/RX, 260 meter    good
1574Shure2 x model SM-33 - "one needs ribbon"                                              look good
1575Shure2 x model 664                                                                                      unknown
1564Flukemodel 8060A true RMS DVM                                                            unknown
1569Tascam & Denon122 MK III, DN-C550R cassette decks                            unknown
1568Dumont5" O-Scope - model 274                                                                  a beauty
1567Zenith tube Transoceanicchassis 6T40 - restored - recovered ?                 very nice
1566HickockModel 800 Tube Tester                                                                 very nice
986RCACRT - 5BP1-A Medium persistance - green phosphor                         unknown
1876variousBox lot speakers, AK 8" and misc. PM speakers                           look good
222variousBox lot - power transformers                                                            unknown
221AmpexBox lot Ampex tape deck parts                                                          unknown
220variousBox lot - variable caps                                                                      unknown
219variousBox lot electrolytic caps.                                                                   unknown
218variousBox lot of Knobs - many big vernier tupes                                          good
217variousBox lot - audio transformers & chokes                                              unknown
216variousBox lot - misc. transformers                                                              unknown
215MillerShort wave radio kit                                                                           unknown
213Centralab (mostly)Box lot - wafer type rotary switches                                  NIB
212variousBox lot - Electrolytic caps                                                                unknown
1878National & MillerBox lot - Transmit variables                                              NIB
1877variousBox lot - panel switches and audio attenuators                               unknown
211variousLarge box lot of new project boxes - Aluminum & plastic                    new
210General RadioRF Bridge - Type 1606                                                              nice
209unknownBox lot - salt shaker microphones & headphones                           unknown
1902Riders & ARRL2 boxes - Riders Vol. 1-16 & ARRL antenna books            good
1901variousBox lot - Panel meters                                                                  new & used
749variousBox lot - Tube types 83V & other rectifiers                                    mostly NOS
748variousBox lot - Used tubes                                                                        unknown
1549variousBox lot of tubes - 7 x 807 (look new) plus others                         new & used
1550variousBox lot - Qty 50 to 100 30's vintage coil forms                            mostly NOS
1372Arvin & Silvertone3 x metal cabinets - (2 chassis located later)        mix to make 2 or 3
1371HeathkitModel AJ-30 with rare stereo adapter model AC-11                      VGC
1551variousBox lot - Tubes -                                                                            most say test good…
1553 ShureBox lot Shure # N44-7 needles & others & tape deck parts             unknown
1552variousBox lot Hi value audio tubes, 6L6G, 2A3, 47, 50, UX-240, etc.    unknown
1554variousBox lot - Misc. Tubes                                                                       tagged as new tubes
1555variousBox lot - Misc. Tubes                                                                       tagged as new tubes
1556variousBox lot - 2 x 6907, 2 x EIMAC VT-129, 36, 38, 2A5, etc                 unknown
1557variousBox lot tubes - Rogers 5X4G & other misc. tubes                             unknown
1558variousBox lot - Octal Glass tubes                                                                unknown
1373variousBox lot - multiconductor cable
1375variousBox lot - multiconductor control wire
1374unknownFrequency Meter - CBY-46104 / TS-164/AR                                 unknown
1559variousBox Lot - Metal, 6 pin & miniature tubes                                           unknown
1583HeathkitBox lot - Audio analyzer AA-1-1, LRC Bridge IB-5281                  looks good
1582SpragueCapacitor analyzer - "Tel-Ohmike - Model TO-5                             looks good
1581HeathkitNixie tube Freq. Counter - Model IB-1103                                       looks good
1579HeathkitBox Lot - Audio Generator AG-9, Distortion Meter HD-1               looks good
1561BirdWattmeter - Model 43                                                                             looks good
1580Sabtronix, RCA,Heathkit, FlukeBox lot, Mod 2000 DVM,
            sig.gen WR50B, V-7A VTVM,probe                                                                         good
1578EICO, B&KSig.Tracer 147-A, capacitor analyst                                                good
1560H-PBox lot, 400D VTVM, HP-200 A.Osc., HP-304B & H-P-204B                   good
1577P.I.Audio Generator AG-51 & Audio Analyzer AA-51                                       good
1576Measurements Corp, WavetekCrystal calibrator mod 111,
            Function generator model 132                                                                                    good
1573MillenGrid Dip meter Type 90651 w/coils                                                           good
1562home brew power suppliesBox lot- 3 antique radio power supplies + amplifier  good
226RCARadiola 67 - 1929 luxury market radio phonograph                                  Working VGC
206Motorola1938 model 9Y console - restored                                                     Working VGC
1000RCABrown plastic radio                                                                                       Excellent - works
2005Atwater KentModel 40 receiver - restored                                                         works
999RCA VictorModel 12R51 plastic radio - excellent                                                works
1124CrosleyType 5 - no cabinet                                                                                 very nice
204Atwater KentModel E3 speaker - incorrect grill cloth - restored                        looks nice
858GrebeModel MU-1 - with tubes                                                                             VGC
228WestinghouseRadiola RC (RA/DA) with tubes                                                     VGC
227unknownBC-348 receiver with speaker                                                                 VGC
203Atwater KentModel 32 receiver - formerly part of WBT display                          VGC
998Atwater KentModel H horn speaker - open driver                                             looks very nice
200Atwater KentModel 70 console - restored to working condition                        looks very nice
1044EmersonModel 547A Catlin receiver                                                               Working VGC
1125General ElectricRadio - model BX ?
1050FirestoneAir Chief radio                                                                                    plays, clean
207EmersonMid 50's TV                                                                                             unknown
1001DewaldModel C800, brown plastic - working                                                    excellent
1045RCARadiola III w/ tipped repro WD-11's                                                           excellent
1123Browning LabsAM/FM tuner & PS -                                                                         needs work
1685Interocean Radio CorpSky Rover - Cathedral style cabinet - restored                plays, clean
1079Zenith tube TransoceanicTransoceanic model 1000-1 - excellent - works
1078home brew power supplies Regenerative radio - 1 - GF V99, 1- ? Fill - BBTT V99      looks nice
1048wall clockWestern Union clock                                                                                VGC
1686KolsterModel K-20 w/tubes - restored                                                                  unknown
1687KolsterModel K-6 speaker - appears resored - no cord                                         unknown
1047Western Electric + othersBox lot crank telephone parts                                         unknown
1049HeathkitStereo equalizer works                                                                              Excellent
1250BaldwinHeadphones - 2 pair                                                                                      VGC
208Garrard4 speed turntable - needs work                                                                         fair
861variousBox lot tubes, NOS 1609, etc. 6 pin & octal                                                 unknown
822CherryTS-118 - RF Wattmeter                                                                                  unknown
1916variousBox lot-Headphones, Miller coil winder,NOS audio xfmr, etc.
820AmpexAmpex 800 tape deck & tube type Ampex stereo deck                                  unknown
818unknown2 x Unbuilt veneered speaker cabinet kits                                                      NIB
1911H-PModel 1222A Oscilloscope                                                                                good
1910variousBox lot - Precision Sig.Gen, 2 soldering irons, Isolation xfmr.                     good
1908HallicraftersModel SX-24 with Hallli. Deco Speaker                                              VGC
873unknown2 x Unbuilt veneered speaker cabinet kits                                                     NIB
862unknownStudio Cue light (like ON THE AIR) + various hookup cables                     good
866variousBox lot - misc solenoids & stepper switches                                                   good
625RCAField Intensity Meter - WX-2D + 2nd unit for parts                                            good
914RCAAM Modulation Monitor - Type BW-66E (rack mount panel)                            good
865G5RVH.F. antenna kit + 600 ft. copper-weld antenna wire                                  New - unopened
821variousBox lot - Specialty connectors & wire                                                             used
864variousBox lot - Simpson 260 VOM, Superior VTVM, AA5 radio                     Meters like new
1698University, Electro-Voice, AltecBox lot - Speakers all working                                VGC
872variousBox lot - Misc tubes - octals & miniatures                                                     unknown
874Challenger2 x tube amplifiers using a single 6L6                                                         good
875variousBox lot hookup wire                                                                                          good
912variousBox lot - miscellaneous collector batteries -                                                     display only
868variousBox lot - Power supply, unilevel pwr amp, Sony 3 band, misc                      unknown
870RCA2 x Model 87T - one good other for parts
869PhilcoModel 38-116 -                                                                     this is the one in poor/fair condition
911RCALate 30s Remote Broadcast Mike Console                                                          VGC
860variousBox lot - NOS Cloth covered hookup wire for restorations                             new
1914NationalSpecial "UHF" receiver made for CBS in mid 30's with case                      good
1913Hickock, Precision, Gen-RadBox lot - 288X, E-200 sig. gens.,
            Time/Frequency calibrator                                                                                               near mint
1912H-PModel 606A Signal Generator                                                                           looks VGC
1909variousBox lot - NOS resistors, caps,100s pilot lamps, HV probe                                 VGC
1699H-PModel 330D Distortion Analyzer                                                                        looks VGC
1907Gates16" transcription turntable w/ 2 arms (vertical & lateral)                                excellent
819H-PUSM-281 O-Scope                                                                                                unknown
817Winslow Tele-TronicsURM-26B R.F. Generators                                                     unknown
1881variousBox Lot - Misc. Audio & RF cables                                                                 GC
1882variousBox Lot - Tube Manuals + audio input transformers                                        GC
1883ARRLComplete set of QST on CD set                                                                        VGC
1921variousBox lot of Bin Boxes - chassis builders bonanza                                     mostly NOS
867variousBox lot NOS electrolytics + other stuff
1918variousHeavy box lot ceramic insulators for TX + misc parts                                   VGC
1919MillenModulation panel - Sig Corps Freq Meter coil set                                         unknown
1920variousBox lot - Misc audio attenuators, meters, Trim phones                                 unknown
863American Bosch & CrosleyRadios - Model 28 & Showbox with tubes                         fair
1917LanceTV Antenna Rotor & controler - New - current price $90                          Never installed
1923ITTAir Cool TX power tube marked F-1099                                                           unknown
1922various2 large bin box sets of hardware + other stuff
1924variousBox lot - 2 bin boxes of hardware, 6x6x4 utility boxes + other                   mostly NOS
1926variousHell box with coax connectors, misc. test parts                                            unknown
1879variousLarge Hell box
1928variousBox lot - heavy silver plated copper buss strap & insulators                          VGC
1927variousDigital TV Converter & RF Video modulator                                                VGC
1884variousBox lot "stuff"
1925variousHell box Test Leads, line cords
1880GECirca 1983 12" color TV